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Glacier Environmental provides hazardous materials abatement and remediation services for buildings containing toxic materials. For the health and safety of occupants in industrial facilities, commercial buildings or residential homes, our trained and experienced staff provide services for removal of asbestos, Zonolite vermiculite, lead, mould and can test for UFFI. Glacier Environmental technicians are highly trained and fully certified in the identification, removal and environmentally acceptable disposal of asbestos based products in both residential buildings and commercial facilities.






The WCB has set allowable levels of exposure to hazardous materials in our homes and workplaces. If you are unsure as to the concentration of hazardous materials you can be exposed to, refer to the WCB regulations, which gives you the allowable exposure limits. If at all concerned, call us to have a sample taken and analyzed to determine concentration levels.

If you have any concerns about the presence of hazardous materials in your home or workplace, please contact us and we will be pleased to set up a consultation and free estimate to remove hazardous substances for you.

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